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A municipality nicknamed "the Silk City" is named for him; disambig. Van der Pauw-Hall measurement or van der Pauw configuration or van der Pauw technique, etc.) - This standard four-point measurement, astm F 76 - 86, determines the Hall effect and resistivity in a thin sample of arbitrary shape. These provide voltage step-up/step-down, switching, conditioning, etc. See the page titled Sport for an introduction on its usage. 821 binomial distribution function - The Poisson distribution is the low-likelihood, high-sample size limit of this other discrete distribution function, since a sequence of Bernoulli trials collapses to a Poisson process in these limits 822 Rosemary Hoyt (accept. Church service tactile_paving yes /no Indicate if a specific place can be detected or followed with a blindman's stick. First Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians (prompt on "Corinthians - Following Romans is this letter, one of two addressed to residents of a Greek city.

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